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Residency Condition in Case of Filing a Divorce

Either of the two parties is required to be the resident of this state for at least 90 days before filing the case. In addition to this, he or she will have to wait for another 60 days after the submission of the papers in the county of the plaintiff.

Lawful Reasons for Divorce

Arizona covers both types of the reasons for the divorce cases i.e. no-fault and fault divorce cases. In no-fault cases, a marriage comes to an end without any wrong doing from either of the parties. However, for fault reasons, one may come up with the incidents of the aggression, over drinking and drugs, conviction to the crime and jails, use of abusive language, dissatisfaction in relationship, and adultery. Whatever the reason is, both the parties are required to agree with the issues and validate them.

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Principles for the Child Custody

State of Arizona does its best to provide the child with the best environment after the separation of his or her parents. In this regard, they consider the following:

     Feelings and affection that a child has for either of his parents.

     His or her needs for the education.

     His or her needs for the education.

     Domestic violence in the home.

     Environment of the houses of both the parties.

     Physical and psychological conditions of the parents.

     Adaptability of the child to a new environment and community.

Child Support Plan

States of Arizona is responsible for providing the child with the essential support. For this, expenses and needs of the child are determined. His medical and educations needs are required to be met as well. However, courts can reassess the amount if it turns out to be unfair with any of the two parties.


Property Distribution

Arizona is a community property state that leaves the rights of the separate property before the marriage with the real owner. However, property acquired after marriage is equally distributed between the two parties. In addition to this, financial debt is also distributed between two in order to provide the justice.


Rules for Spouses Support

Courts of Arizona provide the spousal support to the either of the party deserving it on the basis of financial strength. In this regard, occupation of the parents, their monthly income, needs of the party claiming for the maintenance, skills of the parties, and the future chances of better employment are taken into consideration.


Mediation for Divorces

Arizona State provides the parties with the option of mediation if they want to have it in filing of the divorce case.


Rules for Child Support

To claim for the child support rights, both the spouses have to follow Child Support Guidelines that comes from Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration. Both the parties have to contribute according to the amounts defined by these guidelines unless any of them are unable to provide it. In case of non-payment, driving license can be cancelled.

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