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Divorce Laws & Requirements

Requirements For Residency:

For a divorce to be deemed as legally legit, one has to meet the residency requirements of their respective state. These requirements are different for different states and sometimes for counties. Ideally, a person filing for a divorce has to be a resident of both the state and county where they are filing the divorce.

The Grounds:

Basically this just means the reason why you would want to file for a divorce. The grounds are different for every state. Be sure to educate yourself on the requirements for your location before you begin the process of divorce. Most states have two grounds on which one can file for a divorce. They are termed as "Fault" and "No Fault" but the terminology may be different for different states.

Custody Of The Children:

Usually, no parent will get preferential consideration in the issue of who gets the custody of the child. The custody of the child is determined based on different things. They include joint or individual custody. When all is said and done, the decision is always one that will be in the best interests of the child or children.

Distribution Of Property:

The distribution of property can be done in many ways. Often, different states will do their best to divide assets and property as equally as they can between the two parties and have property that one owned before getting into the marriage reverting back to the owner. Sometimes, there are exceptions to this. Circumstances can affect the distribution of such assets and property.


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